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Communication Participation

Assisting people to live independently with in the local community.

We have a dedicated team of carers who we employ based on skills and values to deliver the highest quality home and community care. 

Assisting you in a journey of discovery, new hobbies, passions and interests. For some it might be going to church every week, learning a new skill or doing something just for fun. 

Our cares can assist you to access a range of community, social and recreational activities allowing you to choose experiences that you will enjoy, with options including but not limited to:

  • Dining out

  • Live sport shows

  • Camps and holidays

  • Shopping

  • Doctor and therapy appointments

  • Kids swimming programs

  • Community events

  • Social groups

  • Attending vocational and work programs

We can assist you with improving your social skills, finding activities and participation in your community. Our staff will work with to find activities that suit your lifestyle choices and needs. We can organise staff for you that are trained, screened, and meet all standards for NDIS requirements.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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