Thank you C&C Wellness for helping us.  We came very close to separating and we are so grateful to you for all of your persistence and direction.  Our Sincere thanks for your help!…” Bruce Thomas

“I found the counsellor at C&C Wellness  to be so empathic and caring. I never felt judged. I was given the professional guidance to get through years of suffering with my black thoughts, anxiety and depression.   Phillip Xenos

Living with a chronic health condition and a disability meant I had limited independence and that it was difficult to take advantage of social, work and other opportunities in the same way as people who live without a disability.  I met with the counsellor from C&C Wellness and I was able to learn about the new opportunities that were available to me with the government insurance NDIS scheme.  I am now getting counselling and support with the coordination of my NDIS plan for all my funded programs. I am so grateful for their professional services  and expertise,  I was lost without them.”  Dr Estelle  Helene Borrey

“For years I suffered in silence. I would highly recommend C&C Wellness as they helped me turn my life around. I escaped from an abusive relationship, fear and violence.  My recovery from the trauma of my past has been a hard road but I am learning to love life again..”  Anonymous

“A concern we had about  going to  couples counselling was whether the counsellor would be  neutral and objective.  We were so relieved as our counsellor did  not take sides in any of our counselling sessions. We were however challenged to look at each other’s viewpoints and in a positive way we leant new insights. We highly recommend the professional services of C& C Wellness as it has made a real difference to our lives .”  Mr&Mrs Finch


“I noticed little things in myself and behaviours that were a little bit out of character. As a parent I was not able to handle the stress of everyday life and the care of the children. It  was difficult to make that first call to C&C Wellness  but doing so was the start to a new journey of self-discovery and empowerment.  After six sessions of counselling I have seen an improvement in my mental and physical wellbeing. These sessions have improved my confidence and vitality for life! ”   Mrs B. Karras

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