Principal Director

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The Principle Director at C&C Wellness is Marie Adamou who is a qualified Social Worker, she graduated from the University of NSW with Honors and is a registered member of (AASW) the Australian Association of Social Workers Board.

Marie Adamou’s professional background extends to over 25 years, with an accumulation of clinical and field experience in diverse fields.

  • Specialty in the area of chronic and complex health care; providing counselling and advocacy for those living with a dual diagnosis, covering mental illness, physical, cognitive, intellectual and or other neurological diseases.

  • Expertise in responding to complex psychosocial requirements of families, adolescents and children. Amongst these are; child protection, early intervention and prevention, mental health, suicidal tendencies, drug and alcohol abuse, criminal justice, children with propensity for physical self-damage, challenging behavioural patterns, homelessness and domestic violence.

  •  Attributing to years of field experience, Marie has developed a broad understanding of the underlying issues affecting families and the need to overcome such issues in the most efficacious, humane and judicious manner. The depth of her experience as a Social Worker has enabled her to provide counselling and systemic advocacy to support people in real need.

  • As a clinician, Marie has performed her professional occupation within the community, government departments, and health care facilities in a variety of appointed positions. Marie’s professional life has seen her engaged in managerial positions, having managed other staff, teams, and departments.

Finally, Marie has worked as a Consultant, Family Therapist, Senior Social Worker, Counsellor, and Case Manager. Amongst her various professional appointments, the following would be indicative of her attributes,

  • Early Ed North Sydney
    Senior Family Therapist

  • Muscular Dystrophy NSW
    Senior Social Worker & NDIS Client Services Coordinator

  • MS Australia
    Senior Clinician for Client Service Programs, Emergency Counselling, EAP seminars, Immunotherapy, Urology, Education & Wellness

  • NSW Department of Community Services, Ageing, Disability & Homecare
    Senior Consultant & Manager

  • Westmead Children’s Hospital, Diagnostic & Assessment
    Senior Clinician, Clinical Director of Grade 1- & 2 Social Workers

  • CP Alliance
    Senior Counsellor & Group Therapist

  • Family & Community Services Ageing, Disability & Homecare
    Senior Consultant , Manager, Social Worker at five government departments; Parramatta, Hornsby, Liverpool, Hurstville & Bondi


​Marie’s expertise is in Solution Focused Brief Therapy which is a powerful and positive framework used in her counselling sessions. In 1997 Marie successfully completed further education with Michael Durrant, the Co-Founder and the Director of Brief Therapy Institute of Sydney. A variety of modalities are included in therapy sessions with a client centric framework for disability health.

Marie has extensive knowledge of the welfare system and can assist with community links and the attainment of specific funding and emergency services. 

As a Clinician, Marie has conducted many educational workshops and seminars for the promotion of health and wellness. Her appointment at MS Australia involved presentations to assist clients with self-management strategies. Marie has an interest in the cooperate sector with Employment Assistance Programs. She has worked in collaboration with Maurice Blackburn Lawyers for individual and group on line MSL programs providing counselling with employment related disputes, discrimination and the protection of consumer rights.

Adding to this Marie has a background in alternative therapies for psychological  treatments  as  she  believes that wellness is the connection of mind, body and spirit.