NDIS Planning

We have the tools and expertise to map out your plan for greater wellness. ​

For many, getting access to the NDIS Scheme can be difficult.

We can help you understand the process, what to request at your initial assessment with NDIA, support you with your application, assist you with completing the forms, gathering of supporting documents and attending the planning meetings with you. We have successfully assisted many people to access the NDIS.

Our NDIS planning services include: 


  •  Assistance with your application 

  • Prepare for NDIA planning meetings

  • Apply for a review of a declined access request

  • Assist with advocacy and NDIS administration

  • Coordination of all Services & Supports in your plan

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Support Coordination


The NDIS provides greater choice and control.

Knowing where to start and how to access services, manage and coordinate supports and budgets in your NDIS plan can be at times stressful.


Our Coordination of Support staff are specialists in the healthcare industry and NDIS systems. Our  team will work in partnership with you, step by step allowing you to get the most of your NDIS plans. We provide flexible appointment times with home visits for your convenience.


Our team includes Social Workers, Psychologist, Senior Case Managers, Allied Health professionals and people with extensive disability service training. We offer services to all NDIS participants from children to adults who may have varying aetiologies; intellectual, dual diagnosis, degenerative, psychiatric, cognitive, physical, sensory, acquired, neurological and or psychosocial disability and complexity in their lives.


We can assist with you with your NDIS journey for a better way of life!


How Support Coordination services can assist you:

  • Navigate NDIS systems, understanding your plan.

  • Achieve goals that will align with your needs and lifestyle.

  • Match funded items with best services to meet your needs.

  • Monitor your NDIS plan & document progress for NDIS reporting.

  • Address service issues, crisis, complaints, barriers, & service problems.

  • Build your resilience, skills for managing your plan.

  • Advocate for more funds, supports & services.

  • Coordinating with you the provision of supports in your plan.

  • Liaising with government agencies and the community on your behalf.

  • Negotiating the method and timing of your supports, including service agreements.

  • Assist with collecting clinical evidence, assessments, and recommendations (with compliance to NDIS Guidelines) for NDIS planning assessments, appeals and reviews.

  • Mitigating risk, facilitating supports and assessments.

  • Manage complaints & disputes between third party agents and NDIA​.


Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination is an NDIS funded service designed to support participants at high risk levels and those who have additional complexities including but not limited to mental health, criminogenic and complex behavioural needs.


It is the highest level of Support Coordination, it is a more intensive type of support focused on addressing high complex barriers, managing crises, and mitigating risks.


A more integrated level of consultation with participants and a range of allied health professionals may be required to manage challenging psychosocial and critical situations.


We will ensure that our experienced clinical staff offer you quality NDIS Specialist Support Coordination working with you to address service barriers that will allow you to achieve your lifestyle NDIS goals.


Community & Social Supports

Assisting people to live independently within the community.

Having a sense of connectedness and belonging can make a big difference to your wellbeing. Our cares can assist you to access a range of community, social and recreational activities allowing you more independence. 


We have a dedicated team of carers who we recruit based on skills and values to deliver the highest quality home and community care. We can arrange assessments for mobility issues  to address possible concerns services barriers.

Some options but not limited to:

  • Live Sports, Entertainment

  • Dinning Out & Shows

  • Camps & Holidays

  • Therapy, Medical & Personal Appointments

  • Community & Public Events

  • Social & Recreational Activities

  • Volunteering & Employment

  • Transport

  • Social Companionship

  • Respite

All our staff are screened and trained to align with NDIS compliance. Our support staff are strictly vetted via references and meet NDIS standards for your safety.

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Physical Therapy Session


We offer predominately a mobile service allowing therapy to be provided within your environment.


Therapies include:

  • Occupational Therapy 

  • Physiotherapy

  • Exercise Physiology

  • Speech Pathology 

  • Dietetics 

  • Psychology & Counselling

  • Personal Training

  • Occupational Therapy & Home Modification

  • Tenancy Accomodation Management

Our specialist NDIS therapy and consultant therapists are on hand to assist you to navigate your NDIS plans and goals.


We have experienced therapists for children, teenagers and adults who follow evidence-based guidelines to provide extensive services, comprehensive assessments and treatment plans. We also support family and carers.


We are predominately a mobile service and provide therapy in the home and community settings.


Domestic & Home Maintenance

A tidy and clean home is a place where you can feel at ease.

Let us help you get things done! 


Our support care staff can help you with all domestic cleaning chores that are difficult for you to complete. We also can assist you by teaching you how to maintain your home and clean your living environment.

Services Include:

  • Domestic House Cleaning

  • Laundry, Making Beds & Ironing

  • Shopping, Meal Preparation & Cooking

  • Support with Errands & Skills Building

  • Gardening & Lawn Mowing

  • Hoarding Specialist Teams - Contracted

  • Home Maintenance & Repair - Contracted

Peace of mind


All our carers, support staff and cleaners are qualified to comply with the NDIS commission guidelines with security checks. This ensures all our staff are honest, reliable and will provide you with the highest quality of care.


We understand that providing domestic home help is more than just a service, it is about tailoring services to meet your needs, so you feel safe and comfortable.

We welcome feedback and monitor the delivery of all our services for continuous improvement and systems of quality assurance. We adhere to Covid-19 protocols for your safety.

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Psychology & Counselling

How can NDIS counselling help me?

Our clinical team are trained to understand the complexity you face with a disability. They can help you get past barriers. NDIS support counselling and psychological services can be tailored to your specific NDIS needs.


We provide a safe and confidential space for you to work through your personal issues, exploring this in the context of your disability and your life, helping you to adjust and develop healthy coping styles for improving your wellbeing. We can work with you, your carer(s) and advocates to ensure suitable supports are set up.


We provide telephone, video conference and face to face counselling sessions for your convenience in the comfort of your home.


A range of modalities are used in our counselling sessions treating people living with disabilities and mental health complexities.


Therapies Include but not limited to:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

  • Rational Emotive Therapy (RET)

  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)

  • Bereavement, Crisis & Trauma Counselling

  • Family Therapy, Narrative & Play Therapies

  • Mindfulness & Relaxation techniques

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapies


Psychology and Counselling can assist you with:

  • Coming to terms with Grief, Separation & Loss

  • Managing Conflict, Fear , Anger & PTSD.

  • Dealing with Self Image, Life Transitions

  • Disability Adjustment; dealing with degeneration and terminal illness.

  • Find relief from Depression; negative feelings

  • Discrimination & Work related stress

  • Minimise impact of Anxiety and Stress in your life

  • Find new tools and techniques for coping with challenges and disability

  • Manage Mental Health disorders by creating a plan, offering support and treatment with a trained professional

  • Improve your Social Skills; develop and enhance your relationships